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3 days tour package to Ilam

3 days tour package to Ilam

Illam is a municipality of Illam District lays in the hilly region of Mechi Zone, in the Eastern Development Region of  Nepal. Illam also known as the place for tea production. The place is suitable for the tourist to visit. As you can see the real natural beauty here.

On starting the journey towards Illam you can see every place covered with a tea garden. The place is beautiful for the natural view. On the way to Illam, there is a temple called Saano Paathivara, which has its own religious belief. People come here to worship Mata Paathivara.

The other place that you can visit in Illam is Kanyam, the place is covered with all tea garden with wonderful landscape, the perfect place to feel the nature. There is daada called Love daada from where you can view the entire tea garden with a fresh and cool climate of Illam. The other thing that you can do here is horse riding.

A little way away from Illam, there is a place called Fikkal, which has a marketplace. The place is famous for Chhurpi and the picnic spot. Kanyam and Fikkal are the best place for a picnic to the internal tourist of Nepal.

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