Visit Bara

Bara, one of the districts of Nepal, lies to the southern territory in the map of the beautiful country Nepal which has a great potential of tourism development. Simara National Airport also lies in the heart of Bara District, Simara from where one can fly to the capital city within just 13 minutes of time interval. Parsa National Park headquarters can be reached halfway in just 20 minutes by the road from Simara Airport. Parsa National Park is spreaded over 627 km square within 3 districts i.e. Bara, Parsa and Makwanpur.

Rare animals like stripped tigers, one horned rhinos, elephants, cattles, horse donkeys and many more species of flora and faunas can be eye-sighted there due to which the Park has got the great attractions in the world. In the scenario of this park, even tourists from inside and outside of the country come to feel and experience the Elephant Safari within the park.

Many more places are there to visit in Simara like Kamini Daha and Harlokhoriya Daha would be the best sites for those nature and animal lovers whereas famous Gadhimai Temple located at Kalaiya, Gadhimai Temple of Jitpur, Rambhauri Bhata Temple, and a hundred years old Temple Bahanlingeshwar Mahadev, Pathleshwar Mahadev Temple and Rani Dhara can be the attractions for religious types of people. There are numerous small, medium and small scale industries in Jitpur-Simara sub-metropolitan city. In the Pathlaiya-Birgunj Industrial area, the overseas from inside and outside of the country come in large numbers. Not only this, the under construction special economical area Sej, located in ward no. 4 of Jitpur-Simara Metropolitan City is also a very attractive destination for tourists.

Churiya Mai

Churiyamai is a temple of the goddess of Churiyamai, in Makwanpur district.

The vehicle's owner has a great faith in the goddess as it is believed that she protects her devotees from being an accident.

Before buying any vehicle, they first bring it to the goddess Churiyamai and then only use it.

It is said that the temple became famous after the construction of Churiya tunnel in 1965 BS. And, as the temple, as well as the tunnel, lies in the Churiya Mountain Range, the temple was named as Churiya Mai.

The main temple of Churiya Mai is located just ahead of the tunnel but after the construction of the Tribhuwan highway.

Now tourists will feel more comfortable and they will be facilitated to come simultaneously as the Nepal Army has been providing intense effort for the construction of the Nijgadh-Kathmandu border for  the quickest way to connect Simara with the Kathmandu. On the other hand, the provision to establish the second international airport of the country in Jitpur-Simara Metropolitan City is another great opportunity for the vast establishment of tourism. This allows foreign tourists to visit and explore scenic and attractive scenes easily around the area. There is also a good network of road , the under construction works to built 6 lane road is being carried out yet. Tharu, ethnic groups called Janjati, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Newar, Dhaangar, Chepang, Brahmans and Chhetris have mixed up and have been living together with harmony in the area which is one of the best things for those who are kin to see and study about the religious and social, cultural activities. Fertilizers in the area are paddy, corn, wheat, sugar etc. in this district.

Internal and external viewers can also visit for agricultural observations and studies. Simara is in the front of the country's main tax border i.e. Birgunj. Only 100 meters away from Simara airport, a quiet, and safe and with romantic atmosphere hotel named Hotel New Sagun is easily accessible for all the tourists with all kinds of foods and facilities.

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